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Accessibility and ebooks - strategies for ensuring it is done well

Ebooks offer enormous accessibility opportunities for print-disabled individuals, from the quality of the reading experience to the timely availability of content. These achievements are largely due to huge efforts in the areas of both open standards and modern software tools. However, due to the complex nature of the publishing and distribution supply chain, end users may still face challenges when they simply want to acquire and read an ebook. Our speakers will introduce what ebook accessibility is, who it benefits, what open standards to be aware of, how to check ebooks for accessibility, and how to ensure that accessible content is recognized as such in distribution channels.
They will also introduce the open source & non-profit initiatives which greatly ease the setup of an accessible publishing workflow, linking together publishers, distributors, ebooksellers, public libraries, universities and end users.
This session will allow participants and speakers to discuss how we can ensure that the whole ebook publishing and distribution supply chain is well aligned towards providing content to everybody, what best practices are required, and who needs to be involved.
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NISO Plus 2021


February 22-25, 2021

NISO Plus 2021 was our first virtual conference, held in February of 2021. A global undertaking, NISO Plus 2021 had over 800 participants from 26 countries come together to have a conversation about the state of the information ecosystem. Here you'll find both the presentations and discussions from that event.
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Laurent Le Meur


Laurent Le Meur is CTO of the European Digital Reading Lab and President of the Readium Foundation. He has a Computer Science background and has been leading innovative software projects for the last 20 years. He's leading the work of EDRLab and Readium on open-source development, open publishing standards, content protection and accessibility of reading applications. Thorium Reader is an interesting result of this work: a free and open-source reading application for Windows 10, MacOS and Linux, fully accessible, able to access online catalogs of ebooks, audiobooks and comics and compliant with the LCP DRM.
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Marisa DeMeglio

Software Developer - DAISY Consortium

Marisa DeMeglio is a software developer for the DAISY Consortium. She has spent the past two decades working in the field of accessibility and ebooks, with projects ranging from alternate interface design and desktop reading software, to production chain format converters, to systems to facilitate formal accessibility testing. In addition to writing software, she is active in standards work and chairs the W3C Synchronized Media for Publications Community Group, in addition to participating in other standards efforts such as EPUB and Audiobooks.