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Discussion: Open Access and Analytics

Next generation OA analytics: A case study 
A critical component in the development of sustainable funding models for OA is the ability to communicate impact in ways that are meaningful to a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders, including institutional partners, funders, and authors. While traditional paywall publishers can take advantage of industry standard COUNTER reports to communicate usage to subscribing libraries, no similar standard exists for OA content. Instead, many organizations are stuck with proxy metrics like sessions and page views that struggle to discriminate between robotic access and genuine engagement.

This session presents the results of an innovative project that builds on existing COUNTER metrics to develop more flexible reporting. Reporting goals include surfacing 3rd party engagement with OA content, the use of graphical report formats to improve accessibility, the ability to assemble custom data dashboards, and configurations that support the variant needs of diverse stakeholders. We’ll be sharing our understanding of who the stakeholders are, their differing needs for analytics, feedback on the reports shared, and lessons learned and areas for future research in this evolving area.

OA Book Metadata Standards to Support Usage Data Analytics 
This session will explore how current or new standards could address the challenges facing analytics that rely on the OA book usage data supply chain. Laura Ricci of Clarke & Esposito, co-author of the OA Book Supply Chain report produced with support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the global Exploring Open Access eBook Usage (OAeBU) data trust pilot project, will review the gaps and opportunities presented by the diversity of OA book stakeholders, open-access specific metadata elements and metadata standards. Lorraine Estelle, Director of Project COUNTER, and Brian O’Leary, Executive Director of the Book Industry Study Group, will then discuss how COUNTER and ONIX are positioned to address such issues in current or future releases. The session will conclude with all panelists reflecting upon where additional standards development may be needed.
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NISO Plus 2021


February 22-25, 2021

NISO Plus 2021 was our first virtual conference, held in February of 2021. A global undertaking, NISO Plus 2021 had over 800 participants from 26 countries come together to have a conversation about the state of the information ecosystem. Here you'll find both the presentations and discussions from that event.