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NISO Webinar, Annotation - Practices and Tools in a Digital Environment

Annotation tools can be of tremendous value to students and to scholars. Such support for collaboration can add tremendous value to the information that’s being accessed by those user populations. What is the current state of the art? This event will bring together input from content and platform providers as well as those who are actively seeking to use those tools, whether in the library or the classroom.

NISO Webinar


Helping people gain a greater understanding of the information community — our issues and concerns, challenges and opportunities — is core to NISO's mission. Our events are a key element of this, with our popular webinar program at their heart. And, following the NISO/NFAIS merger earlier this year, all NISO members can now attend all 14 webinars in 2020 completely free of charge! This includes an unlimited number of places and full access to a recording of each webinar for anyone who is unable to attend the event itself.

Heather Staines


Independent Consultant - Independent

The future of scholarly communications, anything open, digital preservation, journal transfer, karaoke and dogs!

Heather Staines


Head of Partnerships, MIT Knowledge Futures Group

Heather Staines is Head of Partnerships for the MIT Knowledge Futures Group, building open source infrastructure for publishers, libraries, and researchers. Her career includes roles as Head of Partnerships, Editorial Director, Product Manager, and VP of Content Strategy. She is active in a number of industry initiatives, including the COUNTER Board of Directors and the Transfer Working Group.

Kent Anderson


CEO, RedLink

Kent R. Anderson is the CEO of RedLink and RedLink Network. He is a past-President of the Society for Scholarly Publishing and the founder of “The Scholarly Kitchen.” He has been Publisher for Science and the Science journals; CEO and Publisher for the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery; an executive in the Massachusetts Medical Society’s Publishing Division; Publishing Director for the New England Journal of Medicine; and Director of Medical Journals at the American Academy of Pediatrics. He has served on numerous boards and advisory groups across scholarly publishing, and speaks occasionally. He is an award-winning writer, editor, and designer. He has a BA in English and an MBA.

Robert Sanderson


Semantic Architect, J. Paul Getty Trust

Dr. Robert Sanderson is the Semantic Architect for the J. Paul Getty Trust, working to ensure the availability of the organization's content in a usable way via open standards including Web Annotations, Linked Open Usable Data and IIIF. He is a leader in several international efforts in the information science world, including IIIF, semantic standards in the W3C, and cultural heritage data models. He is the co-chair of the W3C Open Annotation group, and former chair of the Working Group that brought it to technical recommendation. He is also co-chair of the W3C JSON-LD and Art & Culture Community Groups. Previously he was an information standards advocate at Stanford University Libraries, an information scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory and a Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Liverpool. His research focused on the areas of cultural heritage and scholarly communication, especially with regards to digital humanities and annotation.