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NISO Virtual Conference, From Submission to Publication: Creating and Conveying Quality

One on-going concern in scholarly communication has to do with publication time lags and ultimately, any delays to research dissemination. How can publishing systems more efficiently support peer-review? How rapidly can a manuscript move from completed draft to the status of preprint to a final version of record? Certainly in recent years, there have been calls for more efficient and more transparent manuscript transfer and exchange. However, ensuring quality of publication has always entailed a certain degree of lag as materials moved through the editorial and production process. This event will examine some of the nuances of the process as well as emerging possibilities for improvement. A natural follow-up question then would be how best to guard against predatory publishers – those who would seduce researchers into submitting good work to questionable periodicals. No author wants to pay hefty feeds for publication lacking the checks of peer review or editorial oversight. Are whitelists (or conversely, blacklists) the right approach in guiding researchers to the best journals for their scholarly output? What about badges for publications (whether in traditional formats or not)? Or will such protective approaches simply expand existing issues associated with regard to metrics for use in gauging impact and/or reach?
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NISO Virtual Conferences

These half-day events cover a range of important and timely topics in more depth than our monthly webinars. With expert speakers from across the information community, they include a mix of formats — keynotes, case studies, perspectives, and vision interviews. Recordings are shared immediately with registered participants, and made openly available after two years.
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Andrew Smeall

Chief Digital Officer, Hindawi

Andrew leads Hindawi’s product and technology teams in London. He started at Hindawi in 2011, working on new ventures and product development. He has worked previously on privacy technology at Enliken and as a multimedia producer at Asia Society. Andrew has a B.A. in Chinese from Yale University and an M.B.A. from NYU Stern.
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Brian Cody

CEO and Co-Founder - Scholastica

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Danielle Padula

Marketing and Community Development Manager - Scholastica

Hello, I'm Danielle! I head up marketing and community development at Scholastica. Scholastica is a web-based software platform with modular tools and services for every aspect of publishing academic journals — from peer review to production to hosting and discovery support. Our mission is to empower journal publishers to make quality research available more efficiently and affordably in order to facilitate a sustainable research future.
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Kent Anderson

CEO, RedLink

Kent R. Anderson is the CEO of RedLink and RedLink Network. He is a past-President of the Society for Scholarly Publishing and the founder of “The Scholarly Kitchen.” He has been Publisher for Science and the Science journals; CEO and Publisher for the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery; an executive in the Massachusetts Medical Society’s Publishing Division; Publishing Director for the New England Journal of Medicine; and Director of Medical Journals at the American Academy of Pediatrics. He has served on numerous boards and advisory groups across scholarly publishing, and speaks occasionally. He is an award-winning writer, editor, and designer. He has a BA in English and an MBA.
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Mary Elizabeth Sutherland

Senior Editor, Nature Human Behaviors, Springer Nature

Mary Elizabeth is a senior editor at Nature Human Behaviour where she handles a broad range of content spanning neuroscience and the social sciences. Previously, she was an associate editor at Nature Communications. She has a PhD in behavioral neuroscience from McGill University, completed a fellowship at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences and a postdoc at the Catholic University in Santiago Chile. She transitioned from a postdoc to a professor in the departments of medicine and psychology, but soon realized that she would be a better editor than professor, and so moved to New York where she is now based.
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Sally Ubnoske

Senior Business Systems Analyst, Aries Systems

Sally Ubnoske is a senior business systems analyst at Aries Systems Corporation, where she works on standards adoption and implementation in the areas of open access, the Open Funder Registry, and inter-system submission transfer. Sally was a member of the original MECA team and is currently a member of the NISO MECA Working Group. Her work at Aries focuses on evolving the company’s innovative publishing workflow software solutions, from submission to editorial management and electronic publishing.
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Sarah J. Koechlein

Head of Resource Access, James Madison University

Sarah is the Head of Resource Access at James Madison University. She oversees access and acquisitions functions for electronic resources including licensing, evaluation, ordering, accessibility, and authentication. Sarah has worked at JMU in a Technical Services capacity for almost 11 years. She recently graduated with an MLIS from the University of North Texas.