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NISO Webinar, Wrestling with Access And Authentication Control

This session will examine various aspects of access and authentication controls in the context of digital information resources. Is there a scalable approach that can satisfy the needs of both corporate as well as academic environments? If not, how can technology be engineered or leveraged such that the nuanced needs of all may be met? What trade-offs might need to be recognized and negotiated? Are there satisfactory answers to the questions that have arisen with regard to privacy and data exchange? This session will bring together a number of industry experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities.

NISO Webinar


Helping people gain a greater understanding of the information community — our issues and concerns, challenges and opportunities — is core to NISO's mission. Our events are a key element of this, with our popular webinar program at their heart. And, following the NISO/NFAIS merger earlier this year, all NISO members can now attend all 14 webinars in 2020 completely free of charge! This includes an unlimited number of places and full access to a recording of each webinar for anyone who is unable to attend the event itself.

Heather Flanagan


Program Director - Seamless Access

Jessica Bowdoin


Head of Resource Licensing & Delivery, George Mason University Libraries

Jessica Bowdoin is the Head of Resource Licensing & Delivery at George Mason University Libraries where she oversees licensing and interlibrary loan operations. She holds an MSLIS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has worked primarily in public services in academic libraries since 2000.

Lara Bushallow


Director of Digital Technologies and Services, George Mason University Libraries

Lara Bushallow is the Director of Digital Technologies and Services at George Mason University Libraries where she oversees the management of ALMA, online applications development, web services and desktop support for the University Libraries.BB

Tim Lloyd


CEO - LibLynx

I specialize in Identity, Access, and Analytics for online resources. My business, LibLynx, provides cloud-based solutions to publishers, service providers and libraries to help them manage identity and access to online resources, and to better understand usage of those resources. I'm also a member of the governance and outreach committees for the Coalition for Seamless Access, and Project COUNTER’s Open Access/Unpaywalled sub-group, and previously spent over a decade in a variety of product development and operational roles in publishing.