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NISO Change Management Series - Delivering Services in a Pandemic - 10.28.20

Whether working remotely, on-site or in some hybrid form, information organizations and institutions found that many basic services had to be managed and delivered in new and different forms. From providing remote support to customers, to delivering seamless online access to content, to meeting the needs of scattered students and faculty, everyone’s workflows had to be adapted. Standard access services that are normally taken for granted had to be rethought. This webinar will address what these changes meant for all those who provide information services of any sort.
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Carrie Forbes

Associate Dean for Student and Scholar Services, University of Denver Libraries

Carrie Forbes, PhD, MLS, professor and associate dean, oversees the University of Denver Libraries' public services including research support, instruction, outreach/programming, and borrowing and lending services. She has worked as an academic librarian for 20 years and has published several articles and edited volumes on the changing nature of public services in libraries. She coedited Rethinking Reference for Academic Libraries: Innovative Developments and Future Trends, published by Roman & Littlefield in 2014 and Successful Campus Outreach for Academic Libraries: Building Community Through Collaboration also published by Roman & Littlefield in 2018. Other recent publications include a coauthored chapter in Academic Librarianship Today on research and instruction service models in libraries and an edited volume, Academic Library Services for Graduate Students Supporting Future Academics and Professionals, published by Libraries Unlimited in 2020.
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Chris Freeland

Director of Open Libraries, The Internet Archive

Chris Freeland is the Director of Open Libraries at the Internet Archive, working in support of the organization's mission to provide "Universal access to all knowledge." Before joining the Internet Archive Chris was an Associate University Librarian at Washington University in St. Louis, managing Washington University Libraries' digital initiatives and related services. He holds an M.S. in Biological Sciences from Eastern Illinois University and an M.S. in Library and Information Science from University of Missouri-Columbia. His research explores the intersections of science and technology in a cultural heritage context, having published and presented on a variety of topics relating to the use of new media and emerging technologies in libraries and museums. While working previously at Missouri Botanical Garden, he founded and led the Center for Biodiversity Informatics and served as the Founding Technical Director of the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL), an international consortium of the world's leading natural history libraries that are working together to digitize their historic collections for free and open access use. He has been a project director for several large informatics and academic computing projects, including the development of the Tropicos botanical information system, online at, and the BHL, online at In addition to his busy academic life, he enjoys making and selling soap for South Compton Soap Company, the small business he runs with his husband, who is also named Chris.
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Michael S. Fitts

Assistant Dean for User Access & Diversity, University of Alabama - Birmingham

Michael S. Fitts, a native of Huntsville, AL is an Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean for User Access & Diversity at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB Libraries). Michael has a B.S. in Management from Miles College and a Masters in Library & Information Sciences from the University of Alabama. In 2001, he became the first African American faculty member of the Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences and in 2015 became both the first African American Assistant Director and Assistant Dean. Throughout the majority of his career, Michael has been active in serving those that are underrepresented. In his free time, Michael enjoys photography, thrifting and movies. In addition to his 20+ year career with UAB, Michael has become an advocate and a cooperative example of humanitarianism. His personal passion is to educate individuals (i.e. young-onset and people of color) on how to successfully live with Parkinson’s disease, a condition that Mr. Fitts was diagnosed with in 2011, at the age of 38.
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Scott Anderson

Information Systems Librarian and Associate Professor, Millersville University

Scott Anderson (MLS, MBA) is an Associate Professor and the Information Systems Librarian at Millersville University. He is responsible for most of the library's electronic services (Discovery, ILS, ILL, KB, repository, linking, etc), configuring content platforms, authentication services, action figures, bobble-heads, easy buttons, and making sure that what electronic content the library does know about is readily accessible to students and faculty. He is also a member of the Library's Collection Development Committee and is always tasked with identifying or fabricating use statistics to inform collection and service decisions through database, publisher or linking reports. He works with faculty and students in the areas of art & design, business, computer science, economics, and mathematics. Scott arrived at Millersville in 1994 just after the internet was born and has managed to break, fix and break again nearly all of the library's electronic resources and services.