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The experience of scholarly users: An introduction by Lettie Conrad

This opening talk laid the foundation for the day's presentations on the work of librarians, publishers, and technology providers to optimize the experience of using digital products and services in scholarly communications. Ensuring usability for all types of users is a challenge facing all stakeholders in our industry. Lettie will begin by defining key UX terms and methods, before discussing some common scholarly user experiences across the online teaching and research ecosystem. She will conclude with thoughts on how we might work together to deliver engaging, high-value experiences with scholarly resources.
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NISO Virtual Conferences

These half-day events cover a range of important and timely topics in more depth than our monthly webinars. With expert speakers from across the information community, they include a mix of formats — keynotes, case studies, perspectives, and vision interviews. Recordings are shared immediately with registered participants, and made openly available after two years.
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Lettie Conrad

Senior Associate, Product Research and Development, Maverick Publishing Specialists

Lettie brings 20 years’ experience in scholarly publishing to her diverse portfolio of product research and development projects. She is dedicated to helping information organizations cultivate user-centered, standards-compliant approaches to digital publishing and academic programs. As a senior associate with Maverick, her expertise lies in driving product strategy to optimize user engagement with academic content platforms. Lettie is currently North American Editor for Learned Publishing, a ‘chef’ with the SSP’s Scholarly Kitchen blog, and an Information Science PhD candidate at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.