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Preprint review - addressing cultural barriers on the path for a more positive and inclusive review ecosystem- Discussion

The growth in the use of preprints has brought with it interest in preprint review initiatives. Preprint review provides benefits for authors in the form of early feedback, and holds promise to make peer review more inclusive by allowing groups generally less included in journal review (e.g. early career researchers, those from underrepresented groups) to participate. However, cultural barriers remain for participation in public preprint feedback: authors worry about unfair criticism and how it may influence a journal editor’s evaluation; reviewers fear retribution and harm to their reputation if they post critiques or comments others may perceive as uninformed, a concern particularly important when commenting on the work by someone in a position of greater power.
In this session, we will discuss ongoing initiatives to address cultural barriers to public preprint review, and potential steps to pave the way for a more positive and inclusive ecosystem of feedback on research outputs. The speakers will discuss the FAST principles for behaviours in creating and responding to preprint feedback, as well as the experience of publishers and preprint review platforms in developing skills and incentives aiming to drive participation by a diverse group of communities.
The NISO Plus conference brings people together from across the global information community to share updates and participate in conversations about our shared challenges and opportunities. The focus is on identifying concrete next steps to improve information flow and interoperability, and help solve existing and potential future problems. Please join us to help address the key issues facing our community of librarians, publishers, researchers, and more — today and tomorrow!