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the unique package ID is on its way! - Discussion

The working group is formed, the work can begin! In this session we will be providing an update on one of the most anticipated new NISO work items, creating unique package IDs to identify e-resource packages across ERM systems and KnowledgeBases. The project starts with an in-depth analysis of the landscape, documenting use cases, collecting and defining the requirements from each stakeholder and identifying possible issues early on in the process. The goal is to find a workable and practical solution that can be relatively easily applied across the supply chain. As always with NISO projects, this work relies on collaboration and consensus and we need the help of the community to bring this adventure to a successful ending. Come to this session to hear from us but we also want to hear from you! We are looking forward to your questions, comments and ideas.
The NISO Plus conference brings people together from across the global information community to share updates and participate in conversations about our shared challenges and opportunities. The focus is on identifying concrete next steps to improve information flow and interoperability, and help solve existing and potential future problems. Please join us to help address the key issues facing our community of librarians, publishers, researchers, and more — today and tomorrow!