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NISO Webinar, Trends in Technology - Smart Services in the Academic Library

When content and platform providers dream of offering smart services to their clients, what do they envision as their value-added offering? Provisioning text and data mining services? Support for the Internet of Things or for Big Data? This session will bring together publishing technologists to spotlight what they see as emerging trends and the rationale for development. Of course, from the customer’s point of view, the issue is whether such smart services are truly in demand from the user population. This webinar is intended to bring together the various stakeholders to look at emerging technologies serving diverse research communities.
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NISO Webinar

Helping people gain a greater understanding of the information community — our issues and concerns, challenges and opportunities — is core to NISO's mission. Our events are a key element of this, with our popular webinar program at their heart. And, following the NISO/NFAIS merger earlier this year, all NISO members can now attend all 14 webinars in 2020 completely free of charge! This includes an unlimited number of places and full access to a recording of each webinar for anyone who is unable to attend the event itself.
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Catherine Nicole Coleman

Digital Research Architect, Stanford University Libraries

Nicole is the Digital Research Architect at Stanford University Libraries, working within the Digital Library Systems and Services group. With Dan Edelstein, she co-directs Humanities + Design, a research lab based at the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA).
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Sharon Garewal

Taxonomy Manager, JSTOR

Sharon Garewal is the Taxonomy Manager for JSTOR, a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources that helps people discover and use a wide range of content, and that preserves this content for future generations. She is responsible for the maintenance of the JSTOR Thesaurus which includes acting as an organizational resource for education and training on the thesaurus as well as conducting content audits to measure thesaurus accuracy. Sharon has a Masters of Library Science degree from Kent State University.
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Travis Hewgley

Director of Institutional Partnerships, Code Ocean

Travis Hewgley currently is the Director of Institutional Partnerships at Code Ocean. Prior to Code Ocean, Travis held sales leadership roles with leading educational technology providers and publishing companies including Cambridge University Press, McGraw-Hill and Oxford University Press bringing together technology.