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Visions of the future - Discussion

The NISO Plus conference brings people together from across the global information community to share updates and participate in conversations about our shared challenges and opportunities. The focus is on identifying concrete next steps to improve information flow and interoperability, and help solve existing and potential future problems. Please join us to help address the key issues facing our community of librarians, publishers, researchers, and more — today and tomorrow!

Join us for this expanded version of a lightning talks session, where you'll hear five different visions for the future, covering:

  • How we can make documents communicate bibliographic and structural metadata (Vint Cerf and Frode Hegland)
  • The state of open data (Megan Hardeman)
  • An Uber-like approach to scholarly communications (Mohammad Alhamad)
  • How the Research Nexus and POSI will help build a more connected scholarly community (Jennifer Kemp)
  • Accessible discovery via mobile for an economically diverse world (Mike Napoleone and Monita Shastri)

The presentations will be followed by a group discussion, where you can find out more about these visions and share your feedback.

NISO Discourse Discussion for this session