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Vision Interview with Petr Knoth

Listen in on this Vision Interview with Todd Carpenter and Petr Knoth, Senior Research Fellow in Text and Data Mining at Open University.
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NISO Virtual Conferences

These half-day events cover a range of important and timely topics in more depth than our monthly webinars. With expert speakers from across the information community, they include a mix of formats — keynotes, case studies, perspectives, and vision interviews. Recordings are shared immediately with registered participants, and made openly available after two years.
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Petr Knoth

Senior Research Fellow in Text and Data Mining, Open University

Petr Knoth leads the Big Scientific Data and Text Analytics Group (BSDTAG) undertaking R&D in the domains of text-mining, digital libraries and open access/science. Dr Knoth is the founder and head of CORE (, a large full text aggregator of open access papers with millions of monthly active users. CORE makes research papers available for people to freely discover and access and for machines to text-mine. Previously, Dr Knoth worked as a Senior Data Scientist at Mendeley on information extraction and content recommendation for research and has a deep interest in the use of AI to improve research workflows. Dr Knoth co-founded aiming to go beyond bibliometrics and altmetrics to produce new research evaluation methods that make use of the publication full-texts in research assessment. Dr. Knoth has been involved as a researcher and Primary Investigator (PI) in over 20 European Commission, national and international funded research projects in the areas of text-mining, open science and eLearning.