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Technology and Satisfying Open Science Requirements - A Presentation by Kaveh Bazargan

Kaveh Bazargan, Director of River Valley Technologies, will address the challenges of moving from the traditional "paper"-based publication model to one that embraces full openness, taking into account the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science as well as the White House OSTP Memo on Federally Funded Research. Kaveh will also show examples of making publications interactive as well as accessible to as wide an audience as possible.
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Kaveh Bazargan

Director, River Valley Technologies

Kaveh Bazargan is a physicist by training and officially the first LaTeX user at Imperial College London in 1983. In 1988 he founded River Valley Technologies in London, in order to introduce computer generated illustrations to UK publishers. Today River Valley continues to lead the market in composition and in particular that of LaTeX content. Today River Valley continues to lead the market in composition and in particular that of STM content. In the last 10 years, the company has been focused on helping publishers accelerate the communication of research. River Valley’s groundbreaking XML-based end-to-end publishing system has been designed to help save time for researchers as well as publishers and to reduce publishing costs. The platforms in the system include peer review, pagination, and hosting.