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Understanding the value of open-access usage information

Wednesday, February 15, 2023 9:30 AM EST
Open Access (OA) as a global trend has been transforming workflows in the scholarly communication industry. Along with that transformation, workflows that used to be clean and nicely put together became distorted and inconsistent. One of the complications inherent in publishing a new OA journal or transitioning from a subscription model to Open Access is the lack of adjusted practices for evaluating open-access usage statistics. Furthermore, transitioning subscription expenditures to a new OA model is difficult on its own without fully understanding the value of that usage. This session aims to bring focus onto the characteristics of open-access usage and to point out differences between statistics for subscription and open-content models. In order to accommodate our evolving needs, a discussion panel consisting of an editor, a librarian, a technology provider, and a publisher will help us question the current ways we analyze open-access content usage and understand why geographical perspective on Open Access matter.