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Tim McGeary

Tim McGeary

Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies and Technology, Duke University Libraries
In his role as the Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies and Technology, Tim McGeary is a library and technology professional experienced in providing strategic vision and leadership, managing projects and staff, building internal and external collaborations and partnerships, and effectively communicating the challenges and opportunities in the library and technology landscapes. He is service oriented in his approach to casting vision, analyzing problems and challenges, and planning potential solutions. He is people oriented in approach to projects and staffs, focusing on aligning strengths of staff to challenges and building an environment that encourages professional development and growth through experience. McGeary's strengths include researching and analyzing current issues and trends, framing the "big picture", designing initiatives for maximum usefulness, and interested in serving on local, regional, and national service opportunities. In addition, he possesses a deep value of "the Commons" approach to open source and data communities, while valuing importance of vendor relationships and collaborations. His specialties include Technology Research and Investigation, Project Management (Traditional and Agile), Data modeling, User stories, Architecture planning, Community involvement strategy, Data harvesting between information systems, Full Life-Cycle Design of databases and applications, Digital Libraries, Capital budgeting, Engineering economics, Publication editing.

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