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Christopher Rennie

Christopher Rennie

MLIS – Lead Platform Manager, ProQuest
Christopher Rennie is a proud librarian, professional übernerd, and accidental technologist who is on his third “tour of duty” with ProQuest, where he makes his living from the vendor side in between periods of librarianship. Christopher has degrees in history, literature, and theology as well as library & information science. The technology pieces are a self-taught endeavor. His career has spanned from positions in academic librarianship to library vendors, ranging from research universities to community college and software systems to content providers. This career has afforded him the chance to work with libraries across the globe and has given him the chance to travel extensively. Chris lives in the metropolitan Detroit area with his wife and three children and far too many pets. He was born in the Detroit area, though he has lived in Milwaukee, Chicago, and a number of other places in the U.S.


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