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Al Brown

Al Brown

Senior Project Manager, ITHAKA
Al S. Brown, PMP CSM is a Senior Project Manager with ITHAKA. He has over 25 years of experience managing a wide variety of projects in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. He specializes in managing complex, multi-team, technical projects, building bridges and enabling clear communication between team members and senior executives. He has taught project management in corporate settings, public classes, and as an online instructor for UC Berkeley Online Extension, and is certified as a ScrumMaster as well as a traditional project manager. His current role blends agile practices with project-centered scheduling and budgeting, enabling empowered teams to predict costs and end dates in the face of uncertain, evolving project requirements.

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By now, participants will understand elements and likely many questions regarding how to apply this to your particular circumstances and projects. Participants are likely to have many questions that go beyond the basics, whether how to manage multiple projects, or the unique complexities of large organizations. We will be asking participants to send us these questions, to be addressed during this session, with the goal of tailoring this session with an expert to those questions.

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