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Jon Shaw

Jon Shaw

Associate Vice Provost & Deputy University Librarian, University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Jon's primary responsibilities include leading public, technical, and digitization services. He has also established the Libraries' Accessibility Office, which works closely with the University's Office of Student Disabilities Services and Learning Resources Center. Finally, he oversees the Libraries' Community Outreach and Engagement program to work with local nonprofits on re-establishing and operating over a dozen public school libraries in the city of Philadelphia. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Temple University, an MLIS from Drexel, and an MS in Higher Education Management from the University of Pennsylvania. His doctoral work is in Higher Education at Temple University. In 2016, he was selected as a Senior Fellow in UCLA's Graduate School of Education and Information Studies.S

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So much of library workflow and usage is shrouded from public view, sometimes due to the interest of protecting patron privacy, sometimes due to the assumption that the patron or the public would have no interest in knowing the process. At the same time, trust is most easily generated in the context of transparency. For example, the public needs to understand and trust the weeding process and/or the rationale behind off-site storage. What does your community understand or need to learn about the ways in which libraries operate in order to trust the library more fully? How can vendors and service providers support more transparency to users? This event will take the form of a round-table discussion.

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