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Amanda Wheatley

Amanda Wheatley

Liaison Librarian for Management, Business, and Entrepreneurship, McGill University
Amanda Wheatley is the Liaison Librarian for Management, Business, and Entrepreneurship at McGill University. Her primary research project is determining the intersection of libraries, artificial intelligence, and information accuracy. Additionally, she is interested in entrepreneurship, gamification in libraries, and emerging technologies.

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We all know that automated personal assistants can find you the closest gas station or sushi spot. But can that same technology be programmed to find the best ten articles for a student’s assignment? The capability is unclear, as is the advisability of the task. But what is clear is that voice-driven technology as well as arbitrary algorithms are changing the ways in which users may be driving or directed in their information tasks. Taxonomies, controlled vocabularies, and similar tools have been used for decades in delivering effective online search. But now, with Alexa and Siri potentially being in the room, shouldn’t libraries and vendors be talking about what’s operating under the hood?

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