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Heather Flanagan

I would never have guessed that my degree in Library Science would have led me to organize and lead some of the most technical, volunteer-driven organizations on the Internet. But, as it turns out, things like standards development and digital identity are easy enough to understand when you love engaging with highly technical people and have a knack for translating geek-speak into human communication. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with organizations like the IETF, DIACC, and Internet2 (to name a few), doing just that — leading, collaborating, and translating, all to build a better Internet. Now, as Principal at Spherical Cow Consulting, I work with collaborations that span a variety of industry sectors. My goal is to work with these organizations to make the Internet a more functional, diverse, and less biased platform for the world. This involves hands-on engagement in developing and expanding business and administrative processes, designing technology strategies, forming and leading teams, and technical writing and editing. My leadership style is built on the belief that consensus is fundamental; every team I lead is empowered to express their thoughts with respect and work towards a final product that is better than what anyone thought of on their own. I have managed and facilitated global-scale technical projects as coordinator, strategist, executor, and communication expert. My end-game is not a corporate title or a crazy bottom line; it’s about doing whatever I can to help make the Internet better and the people who build it be proud of the work they’ve done.


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