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Nate Ackerly

Nate Ackerly

Curriculum Program Specialist, Learning House
Nate Ackerly, MA serves as an academic affairs consultant, advising partners on many aspects of their curriculum from online learning support and governance to programmatic innovation and best practice. Prior to this role, Ackerly was an instructional designer for both Learning House and Bisk Education, with five years of experience in developing online curriculum for private research universities, flagship state institutions, for-profit vendors and small liberal arts colleges.

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Super computing is used by scientists and engineers working on complex research problems. Such investigations may involve data-intensive applications that consume enormous amounts of bandwidth and computing power. Instruction on campus is increasingly tied to learning management systems, which require seamless integration with information resources found in libraries. At the same time, libraries are expressing numerous concerns associated with digital asset and access management. Where is the institutional IT department and just how far can its resources be stretched? This virtual event will look at systems demands found on campus and offer examples of how innovative research institutions (and most particularly, their libraries) are meeting the challenges of talent-sourcing, integration, and support. The first block of speakers address the topic at a high level, the second block of speakers address specific types of computing and IT services that the library is asked to support in some fashion and the third discusses policy concerns such as privacy and ethical use of collected data.

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