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Michael Hemenway

Michael Hemenway

Chief Information Officer, Iliff School of Theology
Dr. Michael Hemenway is Chief Information Officer at the Iliff School of Theology. Michael founded the experimental humanities lab @ Iliff where scholars and technologists from several institutions gather to explore how machine learning can shape emerging research practices in the humanities. Michael also directs ai.iliff, a Luce Foundation funded artificial intelligence institute working to build a trust based AI ecosystem through conversation, curriculum, and design. ai.iliff specializes in helping businesses and organizations incorporate transparency, responsibility, and sustainability at all stages of their AI development life cycle.

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Artificial intelligence is frequently used as an umbrella term for a broad range of potential uses of computer algorithms to accomplish a cognitive task in a relatively short time-frame. In the more specific context of the information community, “smart systems” may be expected to do everything from the handling of a routine voice request to phrase extraction from the literature for data discovery and re-use to image assessment. The possibilities are intriguing, but there are hesitations as well. It’s very easy to replicate existing social biases. There are discussions over the ethical uses of artificial intelligence. How might intelligent infrastructure support the work of the information community? Librarians are considering whether a virtual assistant might be able to aid in providing research support. Seen from an adjacent space -- apart from the work of academic researchers -- content and platform providers are considering how the use of algorithms, data and analytics may serve to enhance smart services for users. This 90-minute webinar will offer a glimpse into the practical application of artificial intelligence in support of research workflow and outputs.

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