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Rick Johnson

Rick Johnson

Head, Data Curation and Digital Library Solutions, The University of Notre Dame
Rick Johnson is the Director of Digital Initiatives and Scholarship at Hesburgh Libraries of the University of Notre Dame. In this role, he directs the design and development of the libraries' digital curation solutions, and directs data management consulting services. He serves as a Visiting Program Officer for the Association of Research Libraries for the SHARE project as a technical advisor and in development of partnerships to improve data sharing and foster a tighter network of research repositories, databases, and information systems. He has contributed to several data collaborations such as DASPOS (, Data and Software Preservation for Open Science), and the Samvera community (formerly known as Hydra) as both a code committer and technical manager on several projects. He spearheaded the implementation of the University of Notre Dame’s institutional repository, CurateND (, and he is actively working with the broader community on integrations between repositories and research computing environments.

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Recent years have introduced a variety of new technologies into the mainstream, such as artificial intelligence, data science, and virtual and augmented reality. As the research community increasingly uses these tools and techniques to generate findings, what are the needs of the library in supporting the research activity as well as the resulting output? This virtual conference will explore technologies supported by the modern research library and the impact on both workflow and workforce. The first block of the day will consist of discussions of the administrative view of new technologies impacting on the library with the rest of the day given over to case studies.