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Ámbar Tenorio-Fornés

Ámbar Tenorio-Fornés (they/she/he) is a free software developer and researcher, with a 5 years degree and a Master in Research in Computer Science. They are the founder and director of Decentralized Academy Ltd, and they lead the development of the blockchain-based software Decentralized Science (funded by LEDGER European Project) and Quartz Open Access (funded by Grant for The Web program). They have submitted their PhD at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, for which they received funding by an institutional scholarship. Their research aims to provide decentralized governance tools for Commons-Based Peer Production communities. Their previous research and development experience includes participation in the European Projects P2P Models and P2Pvalue. They have been visiting researcher at the University of Surrey, the University of Westminster and Kozminski University. Their experience developing decentralized web tools includes Teem , SwellRT,, and Quartz Open Access using technologies such as Blockchain and IPFS. 



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