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Joy Owango

Joy Owango

Executive Director - Training Centre in Communication
Joy Owango is an experienced award-winning Founding Director with a demonstrated history of working in capacity support for early career researchers. She is skilled in Management, Business Strategy and Research Metrics. She is experienced in matters relating to Research Capacity, Higher Education, Research Analytics, Donor, and Government Relations.

Her strengths come in creating and building collaborations using the triple helix in industry, academia, and government. She has created such collaborations with the setup of the Training Centre in Communication (private/ Non-Governmental Organization), with the University of Nairobi (the leading university in East Africa). The objective of the collaboration was to create a support system to help researchers disseminate their research. The programme is celebrating its 14th year anniversary. She sits on the board of AfricArxiv - The free preprint service for African scientists.

Joy is a firm believer in open science being a conduit to democratizing higher education and fulfilling SDG 4.

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Preprints have been growing in popularity and visibility across many disciplines and communities — all the more so during the COVID19 pandemic, with rapid publication of early research on everything from vaccine development to economic impacts. While preprints have been widely adopted in some disciplines, there are still concerns about their quality and reliability, especially when they can be readily accessed by policy-makers and the public who may not yet fully understand their limitations. This session brings together three experts — from Africa, Latin America, and the US — to discuss the challenges and opportunities of preprints for researchers and non-researchers alike.

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