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Amy Brand

Director, The MIT Press
Amy Brand, PhD, is director of the MIT Press and co-founder of the MIT Knowledge Futures Group, which develops open knowledge infrastructure. She has played a seminal role in transformative scholarly communications initiatives such as ORCiD, CRediT, and Peer Review Transparency. Previously, Amy held positions at Digital Science, Harvard, and Crossref. She currently serves on the boards of Creative Commons, Crossref, the Open Syllabus Project, and the National Academies Board on Research Data and Information, among other directorships. She studied linguistics and cognitive science, and also dabbles in documentary film.

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The current point in time in the information ecosystem is one in which trust and facts and evidence are an increasingly precious currency. Healthy resilient ecosystems require cross-pollination, and this talk will discuss the importance of diversified and distributed infrastructures and how seemingly divergent stakeholders and models ideally interoperate in our print-optional post-truth world.