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All are invited to research nexus: widening participation in co-creating a complete scholarly record

Thursday, February 16, 2023 12:30 PM EST
In this session speakers will discuss the topics of metadata completeness, and talk of inclusivity strategies that help expand contributions into the overall global record of scholarship.

The scholarly record is a reflection of the continuous progress made by multiple actors within the context of scientific structures and processes, across disciplines and geographies. What we think of as metadata is expanding, and the notion of ‘content types’ is changing. New, unfamiliar and disruptive actors are sometimes met with apprehension in the world of scholarly communications. Yet, we’re all here to make the progress of scholarship visible and discoverable. Transparency and completeness of scholarly records will help understand the impact of research, funding, and changing policies. It can support a more robust and comprehensive assessment of research, and contribute to improving integrity within as well as public trust in science.

The foundation of scholarly record completeness is broad, perhaps even universal, participation of actors involved in the progress of scholarship in documenting its progress, sharing metadata and building structured relationships between them. Therefore, inclusion of all relevant organizations into this transparent documentation process is essential and we invite a range of speakers to share and discuss effective strategies.