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Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen

Academic Library Resident, University of Alberta Library
Adam Cohen is an academic library resident focused on linked data implementation at the University of Alberta Library. Adam recently completed his MLIS at the University of Alberta, and has an interest in incorporating new technologies and ideas into libraries, so they may better serve their patrons. He is currently a member of the Share-VDE Work ID Working Group and Authority ID Management Services Working Group. As well as the LD4P Profiles Working/Affinity Group, and a contributor to the Sinopia Training Task Group.

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Libraries have individually labored at the creation, conversion and re-use of data housed at their institutions and in their systems. This session will look at next steps for enlarging those efforts by linking data from multiple initiatives in an effort to broaden its value and functionality to the community. Current initiatives include prototyping efforts aimed at creating new suites of tools as well as enabling libraries to draw from newly unified taxonomies and vocabularies. Pick up on the practical tips and strategies needed to build on modules created by other information professionals!

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