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Sian Brannon

Sian Brannon

Associate Dean for Collection Management, University of North Texas
Sian is Assistant Dean of Collection Management at the University of North Texas (UNT). Spanning demographics of patrons and libraries, Sian has worked in both public and academic libraries beginning her career at Dallas Public Library as a children’s librarian, then spending several years as librarian at a private technical college. Back in public libraries, she held positions for eight years at the Denton Public Library that included managing branch libraries and Technical Services and Collection Development. Before completing her library science degree, she worked at a variety of major retail chain stores and as a teacher. Sian graduated from UNT with a master of science in library and information science and is currently finishing her PhD at Texas Woman’s University.

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So much of library workflow and usage is shrouded from public view, sometimes due to the interest of protecting patron privacy, sometimes due to the assumption that the patron or the public would have no interest in knowing the process. At the same time, trust is most easily generated in the context of transparency. For example, the public needs to understand and trust the weeding process and/or the rationale behind off-site storage. What does your community understand or need to learn about the ways in which libraries operate in order to trust the library more fully? How can vendors and service providers support more transparency to users? This event will take the form of a round-table discussion.

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