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Mark Seeley

Mark Seeley

Principal, SciPubLaw
MARK SEELEY, consults on science publishing and legal issues through SciPubLaw LLC (, and comments (including on twitter at regularly on publishing, licensing and copyright issues, including recently on the European Digital Single Market. Mark retired in December 2017 from his position as General Counsel for the science publisher and information analytics provider Elsevier. Mark served on the Copyright Committees of both the International STM Association (from 2004-2016 as chair) and the Association of American Publishers. Mark currently serves on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Copyright Clearance Center, and is a member of the Copyright Society of the USA and the Society for Scholarly Publishing. Admitted in Massachusetts and New York. Mark is currently adjunct faculty (international intellectual property law) at Suffolk University Law School in Boston.

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According to Wikipedia, the preprint is a “version of a scholarly or scientific paper that precedes publication in a peer-reviewed scholarly or scientific journal”. Preprint archives, such as arXiv and SSRN, rapidly achieved prominence in both the hard and social sciences as rapid access to new work became a priority. It’s wonderful to have those platforms, but what are best practices for libraries and other content providers in working with them? Should preprints be assigned DOIs? What relationship should exist between pre-prints and discovery services? What is the interoperability with link resolvers like? What are the implications for citation practices?

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