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Gina Donato

Gina Donato

Director, Content Transformation for Education, Reference & Continuity, Elsevier
Gina Donato has more than 20 years’ experience working in education, technology, and publishing in the USA and Europe. She began her career at Elsevier nine years ago focusing first on book development before shifting her focus to digital-first initiatives. Currently, Gina uses her deep knowledge of content and technology to bridge the gap between Content, Product, and Technology teams to drive enterprise-wide initiatives that help Elsevier’s digital solutions advance science and research.

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It’s a muddled area for libraries, content providers and readers. Long-form content has traditionally been contained in printed volumes both for reasons of consumption as well as convenient access. With the arrival of ebooks, some aspects of engaging with long-form content became a bit easier – searchability, mobility, etc. Still, neither form seems to fully satisfy. Each user learns his or her own best practices for reading and referencing book content. Is it any wonder then that those whose scholarship relies on long-form content are suspicious of proposed changes to book production, delivery and access? This virtual conference will consider from a variety of perspectives issues associated with creation, publication, and distribution of The Book. Speakers may explore metrics of usage (downloads, duration of reading session, etc.) as well as questions of reader behavior, assignment of metadata, and long-term access to licensed digital content.

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