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Franda Liu

Franda Liu

Project Scientist, NNCO, National Library of Medicine
Franda Liu is a Project Scientist of the National Network Coordinating Office, National Network of Libraries of Medicine. Prior to this position, she has been part of the MedlinePlus team working on NLM’s primary consumer health website since 2005. Her professional experience also includes project leading in NLM’s HIV/AIDS Outreach and Prevention Project, IMLS’s LSTA Pacific grant competitions, Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program, NSF’s Ethnomathematics Digital Library, National Network for Curriculum Coordination and Dissemination, etc.

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Projects that are built on top of multiple open data sets are beginning to be more visible to the public. This virtual conference will serve as an expansive tour of a variety of open data projects from academia, local government, and other sectors. Looking for inspiration, useful examples or just the opportunity to learn what’s possible? This virtual event will spotlight novel approaches as well as practical activities.

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