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Nathan Putnam

Nathan Putnam

Director, Metadata Quality, Global Product Management, OCLC
Nathan Putnam is the Director of Metadata Quality at OCLC and oversees the teams of specialists working on data quality for several OCLC products. He has over 15 years of experience working in multiple academic libraries, first as a cataloger and database maintenance specialist and more recently as the head of the metadata/cataloging department before joining OCLC. Nathan holds degrees in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University and in Music from Michigan State University and the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

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Cataloging of materials is not the workflow that it was fifty years ago. The skill sets and tasks associated with application of metadata in the 21st century demand new techniques and tools. What might this entail? Ought there to be different elements included in the metadata? Should there be more application of automated processes? What opportunities for value-add are there for service and content providers? How might these changes improve the success of the user experience? This session will explore the possibilities of revisiting cataloging activities with an eye to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. A cross-section of views from multiple stakeholders will form the substance of this event. This event will be a roundtable discussion by stakeholders actively engaging with these questions and concerns.

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